Super Mario Run PC: Nintendo’s mobile know-how

Super Mario Run For PCNintendo releases the first mobile game in its history. A successful bet thanks to the strength of the Mario franchise, which adapts perfectly to this new format.

Let it be said, Super Mario Run can not and should not be summarized to its simple mobile game status developed by Nintendo. No: Super Mario Run is more of a date to be branded in the history of the Japanese giant. It is the culmination of the new strategy begun in recent months. In trouble in the traditional market because of the Wii U, Nintendo was forced to find new sources of revenue.

After long hesitating to decline his licenses elsewhere than at home, here is Shigeru Miyamoto encrusted with an Apple keynote to announce Super Mario Run . It was September , a school day, and nothing will ever be the same again. Now there will be no need to buy Nintendo to play Nintendo. From now on, head to the App Store, so to see what this runner featuring the famous plumber has in the womb.


An intro explaining that this Peach gourd has been removed yet, a simple and effective little tutorial and here we are at the heart of the subject. Passed three levels – and 20 seconds in the fourth – the reality reminds us that nothing is really free. To afford the full experience, you must go to the cashier: € 9.99 for other worlds and some bonuses. We will quickly understand that the investment is mandatory to play Super Mario Run and, in fact, we could blame Nintendo and Apple for not allowing the purchase directly on the download platform . A detail, especially since there is no other microtransaction on the horizon.

A detail that is not one, however, is the obligation to have an internet connection to enjoy. Even in solo: without data, a screen “find an environment with a better internet connection and try again   ” appears and reminds us that playing  Super Mario Run in the subway is utopian.

It comes down to admitting that it is not really a 100% mobile game but more a back-up experience at home or abroad, with a few GB on its package. A finding that is also explained by its very greedy side vis-à-vis the battery. In less than forty five minutes, Super Mario Run had swallowed 15% of the autonomy of our iPhone 7. In case, Nintendo has planned a mode economy by sacrificing the graphic quality.


Still, Nintendo really manages to fly, in outline, with its Super Mario Run . We start with what is obvious: the visual dress is really shimmering. Fine and fluid, the runner is really happy to see and enjoys the leg of Nintendo on all floors, ensuring fidelity to the myth that represents Mario. Clearly, we are not in front of a low-end production, sign that the developers have nothing sloppy. It’s beautiful, it’s over and it makes you want to release his 3DS for some games on his iPhone or iPad (perfect adaptation on the Apple tablet).Nothing to say, either, on the sound part with music and sound effects that will please fans of the franchise. No doubt to have, it’s a real Mario, who has just moved to another platform.


This know-how, we also find it, but especially in the gameplay. Simplistic, it turns out to be addictive and more and more complex as and when levels. As its kind suggests, Super Mario Run revolves around a hero advancing by himself, just help for jumps. The longer the support, the more the jump will gain height, knowing that the tendrils, the wall-jump, the double-jumps and the timing give thickness to the whole.

Note that Shigeru Miyamoto did not lie: it is indeed possible, and even advised, to play with one hand, leaving the other free of any other useful action (such as eating, drinking, brushing your teeth … ). This reinforces the addictive aspect: you can enjoy Super Mario Run at different times of the day, not just focusing solely on the game.

The different levels, ultra short but well worked in terms of level design, are obviously fraught with pitfalls: enemies, bosses, traps, shortcuts, secrets, power-ups, bonuses to pick up … All there is and everyone’s goal is based on the speed and / or the obligation to pick up parts.

This is where replay value comes in: perfectionists will want to pick everything up. And if the solo of Super Mario Run For PC ends very quickly (30/40 minutes), it will take bus trips – with internet connection – to reach 100% … The progression is also transposed on the types of enemies: the more you eliminate, the more you will be rewarded.

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