The best applications to view cartoons or kids series


The tiny kinds found in the residence love to check out cartoons or kids series. Father and mother understand perfectly well which will face is ‘Disney Channel’, ‘Clan’ or ‘Boing’, but that they could like to pick the content themselves.

Now with TVs linked to the net you can select different choices to find the series and that we recommend Cartoon HD for Android . Today we advise the ones that are free of charge:


The Disney Channel software is the avec de la planisphère services of it is series and courses. For the moment you can simply find a few series which have been on the weather, but not the historical series of Disney Route. The quality of the image is good and the navigation incredibly intuitive.

A number of the series we find is ‘Riley and the World’, ‘Jessie’, ‘Austin and Ally’, ‘Liv and Maddie’, ‘My dog has a blog’, ‘One, Two, Chief cook!, ‘ Disney Mickey Mouse button ‘, ‘ Princess Sofia ‘, ‘ Jake as well as the Never-Again Pirates’, ‘The Property of Mickey Mouse’, ‘Doctor Toys’, ‘ The Avengers in Actions ‘and’ KC Particular Agent ‘.


This kind of iphone app possesses about 30-35 video clips clear of about six minutes every to get free. The other videos that will be in the software is visible whenever you have got the subscription of Pocoyó (1. 45 € / month).

In this program you can select the language among Spanish and English language. You can even book preferred chapters for quick access.


Violetta can be described as Disney Route series, nevertheless they have dedicated an special application. In this program you may see each of the chapters on the 3 months of this series pertaining to adolescents. The quality is definitely not HIGH, but you can discover perfectly.

Chapters are also placed simply by best rated and you can appreciate a large number of extra content. An excellent application intended for Violetta fans.


Tribe is the kids channel of RTVE. In this app you can easily see several chapters (ofcourse not all) of countless series: ‘Peppa Pig’, ‘Bat Pat’, ‘The Book of the Jungle’, ‘Nerds and Monsters’, ‘ Kitchen with Clan 3 ‘, ‘ Fresh Adventures of Peter Pan ‘, ‘ Pokémon ‘, ‘ The League of Super Evil doers ‘, ‘ Geronimo Stilton ‘, ‘ Turbo FAST ‘, ‘ Happy Hive ‘, ‘ Pororo the tiny Penguin ‘, ‘ Vicky the Viking ‘, ‘ El Benny and Holly ‘, ‘ Caillou ‘, ‘ Pocoyó ‘, ‘ Thomas wonderful friends’, ‘Dino Tren’, ‘La Lupe’, ‘Cleo’, ‘Blackie & company’, ‘Power Rangers’ Winners Challenge ‘, ‘ Redakai ‘, ‘ Fabriclan ‘, ‘ Heidi ‘, ‘ Sam the Fireman ‘, ‘ Kate and Mim ‘, ‘ She, the Elephant ‘, ‘ Tickety toc ‘, ‘ Suckers’, ‘Clay Youngsters’, ‘The Magic of Chloe’, ‘Lunnis’, ‘Sandra, Storyteller’, ‘Gawayn Crystal’, ‘Shaun Sheep’, ‘The Superminihéroes’

Found in addition several chapters can be seen in English. Tribe of RTVE. es possesses good top quality in the image and it is very easy to navigate and choose the series that you want to see.


This app is based about the paintings in the well-known video game ‘Angry Bird’. That they are short chapters (between 2 and 7 minutes). Very funny videos and great top quality. You may also locate different personas just like ‘The Daltons’, ‘Wallace & Gromit’, ‘Chakra’, ‘Zig & Sharko’, ‘Plunder Pirates’, ‘Sky Punks’, ‘Hubert & Takako’, ‘Oggy as well as the Cockroaches’ ‘Reignindumb’, ‘Qumi, Qumi’, ‘Pucca’, ‘Takat, the dog’, ‘Shaman’s quest’ and the National Geographic chapters (’50 wild birds, 50 states’ and ‘Zoomlle’).

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