'Twins of Evil' (1971) Review

“Twins of Evil”: Gustav Weil (Peter Cushing) leads fellowship of witch hunters and is engaged in catching cute cheeky girls around the neighborhood and burning them at the stake alive. One-day two young nieces-twins come to visit Gustav. Poor orphans are forced to live with a harsh uncle who does not allow them to walk in bright dresses. Adjacent to the town is the castle of Karnstein. In the castle lives count Karnstein and his deaf-mute servant Joachim. The count is bored in the evenings and wants to summon Satan. Once he succeeds and turns into a vampire.

The count immediately pays attention to the beautiful nieces. One of them is brave and well-behaved Maria (Madeline Collinson), the other little bitch Frieda (Mary Collinson), who soon throws herself into the arms of Karnstein (Damien Thomas). Frieda turns into a vampire too and begins to bite members of fellowship of her uncle. Of course, soon the witch hunters catch Frieda. To save her body and «soul», she secretly changes places with her faithful sister. But the deception is revealed and the villainous count Karnstein gets well-deserved stake in the heart…

“Twins of Evil” is the third and final film of the trilogy of Hammer studios about a family of Karnstein. All movies are about vampires from Karnstein castle. The last part is much less erotic, although it is known that the performers of the roles of twins (sisters Collinson) in October 1970 appeared on the pages of the popular men’s magazine Playboy. Undoubtedly, this fact has warmed up interest of men to this movie.

In other respects, the picture is no better and no worse than the rest of the gothic-mystical movies of Hammer studio. As usual, beautiful scenery, costumes, the work of designers and artists. Peter Cushing as always on top. Special effects, alas, very mediocre, although the blood flows like a river. The studio’s corporate style is recognized in every shot, but fatigue is also felt.

It’s funny that the Collinson twins were “acting” in movies for only 2 years, always together and in five films only, of which “Twins of Evil” is the most famous.