'The Commuter' (2018) Review

“The Commuter”: Former cop Michael MacCauley has been commuting by train every day for the past 10 years. So far, on one “fine” day, an insurance agent is dismissed without explanation. Michael, of course, is heartbroken: he has two mortgage loans and a son going to college. He habitually gets on the train to go home and try to collect his thoughts. And then he receives an offer that can not be refused.

Pretty woman offers Michael to play an unusual game and get for it, no more, no less, 100 thousand dollars. He just must find a person in a crowded train. This man has a bag with him, and in the bag something very necessary for this woman. Michael is a frequenter of the train, so it would be easiest for him to find a stranger. The problem is that Michael has little time, and there are many people on the train. In addition, it soon turns out that Michael can not leave the game: if he does not find the murder witness in time, his wife and son will become victims of unknown criminals…

This is the fourth collaboration of the Hollywood actor Liam Neeson and the Spanish director Jaume Collet-Serra. Previously, they worked together on the movies «Unknown» (2011), «Non-Stop» (2014 року) and «Run All Night» (2015). All these pictures were shot in the action movie genre, and the plot of “The Commuter” is very similar to the plot of «Non-Stop». With the only difference that this movie takes place not on the plane, but on the train. Apparently, after the financial failure of «Run All Night», the director and actor decided to return to the scheme, which once brought them success.

Anyway, “The Commuter” is a great way to pass the evening. Dynamic and intense plot, good special effects, worthy actors, among which besides Neeson are Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Sam Neill and Jonathan Banks. Neeson found a niche in which he is easy and comfortable to be. And the viewer clearly missed simple and straightforward action movies in the style of the early Schwarzenegger and the late Charles Bronson.